Hailing from San Diego California, Sean has been a valiant warrior over the years in metal’s underground battlefield. Having fronted the band CAGE since 1992, their classic heavy metal style garnered them many accolades and awards. Sean’s versatile style and tone has helped him carve out his place amongst today’s best metal vocalists. His influences are worn on his sleeve for all to see, but his creative mind and song writing talents are also what makes him the artist that has many finally discovering this vocal monster. 2013 he joined with some other well- known musicians to form DEATH DEALER which provided him with yet another vehicle to showcase his incredible range and power. He is well known for being a staunch proponent for all things metal and the unique brotherhood and sense of community that is created by it.
Sean Peck
'The Hell Destroyer'
In November 2014 he joined Denner/Shermann and completed their first EP “Satan’s Tomb” in March 2015 and released October 2nd 2015!
Denner/Shermann released masters of evil their full length offering on metal blade records the next year. the collaboration with the legendary guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner from Mercyful Fate took the metal world by storm. Now with the three tremors that makes 4 active bands for the hell destroyer to release his powerful metal visions to the world

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